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Andstallation Pro is the Northshore's trusted source for Home Installation and Technical Services. Whether you are looking to have LED Counter Lighting installed underneath your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets, a Christmas Lighting Display or maybe you have always wanted to see your TV hung above your fireplace with hidden wires and/or hear your home audio system in every room in your house and even outside, we have you covered.

We have been serving the Northshore for over 15 years, utilizing owner Andy's inspiration and experience in all aspects of home audio, lighting and automation.  If you’re looking for an honest, Christian company for your project, or just have questions, we are there for you. We promise your project  will be completed in a realistic time frame and will leave you feeling confident, equipped and knowledgeable as your solution will be found and at a fair price.



Andstallation Pro is committed to providing you with several professional Home Installation and Technical Services, at a reasonable cost. Our strong code of ethics that everyone follows, sets us apart as we promise to:

  • Recommend suitable solutions and services, for YOUR needs, explaining which of these is best to solve YOUR specific problem and which one(s) are “unnecessary”

  • To explain everything in a step by step manner that is clearly logical and honest. NEVER to obscure, confiscate, or exaggerate the work being performed

  • To reveal the simple truth about any technical services

  • Offer customers a price estimate for work to be performed

  • Understanding that an estimate is just an estimate, as the exact procedures of the process may change, the estimate may change as well, but it is our goal to provide you a realistic estimate that will detail “worst case scenario.” With that said, it is our goal to bill the same or less after project completion

  • Obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing or by other means satisfactory to the customer

  • Make every effort to keep the customer informed about appointments and completion deadlines

  • Furnish an itemized invoice regarding equipment and services rendered, priced fairly, which identifies all equipment and services rendered

  • Furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or service

  • Exercise extreme care while at the customer’s property; leaving the property's conditions the exact same, if not better than when we arrived

  • Make every effort to solve the customer’s problem correctly the “first time”

  • Maintain a system for fair settlement of customer’s complaints

  • Uphold the high standards of the profession and seek to correct any or all abuses within the industry

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