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Lego Desk:
A Tribute to Star Wars

This project integrates the use of pixel tape

lighting and automated controllers along with musical sequencing to combine all of these
elements together. 

Hutch: In Cabinet

Down Lighting

This piece has been custom fitted with RGB LED tape, allowing the
end user to control all lighting elements to set the proper atmosphere desired. 

Counter Lighting

Controlled by the home automation system this display can be dimmed for desired environment; which comes in
a variety of temperatures. from cool white to warm white light. 


Special Project

This restoration project revived an antiquated, incandescent lighting
system with all new energy
efficient LEDs. Elements such as 
pixel tape,
RGB tape, par lights,
strobes, and pixel rope utilized with custom designed shadow
boxes, a pixel
mapped paddle wheel and a customized wrapped flag
pole for this one of a kind look.

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