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Make your house the talk of the season. Andstallation Pro handles everything, from the initial planning stages through take down in early January. Not sure what you are looking for? 
Andstallation Pro can design your Christmas Lighting Display based on your ideas, thoughts and dreams. 


In between, we always will be there to service your display; if anything goes wrong, we do not hesitate to come back and repair/replace anything, even if those problems occur close to Christmas. Simply put, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.


What To Expect at Andstalltion Pro 

Customers will get the opportunity to design their displays, starting with the initial face-to-face consultation where you consider the color, configuration, and complexity of your display. After a complete onside measurement, Andstallation Pro will provide a host of options and estimates that will fit your price range. 

Andstallation Pro offers:

  • Free face-to-face consultation and estimates

  • Service to Mandeville, Madisonville and Covington as well as other Southeastern Louisiana areas. If you fall slightly outside of our service area, call us anyway, we may decide to expand to your area.

  • A graphic of your house with the option you chose for lighting

  • A variety of colors and designs, made up of fully commercial, professional-quality holiday lights

  • A host of package options, customized to meet your particular needs. Packages can even include ways to incorporate your existing landscaping into your lighting display

  • A one of a kind  lifetime warranty

  • Full Christmas Light Display installation and service. We take care of everything, including mounting your lights and servicing them once they are up. Rest assured, if anything goes wrong during the Holidays, we
    will be right there to make it right again.

  • Full Christmas light display disassembly following New Years Day.

  • Storage in our own storage facility, where your lights will be safely stowed until next Christmas, saving
    you the hassle – and space – of storing it yourself

At Andstallation Pro, we strive to make your Christmas season as exciting, engaging, and worry-free as possible. We like to think of our service as a chance to literally make your Christmas season brighter, while eliminating some of those seasonal chores that can drain a lot of the fun from what should be the most exciting time of the year. We will be there every step of the way, ensuring that your Christmas light installation goes off without a hitch. We are dedicated to making it right.

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