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Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but as we all know, it also comes with a tremendous amount of stress. Traveling, spending time with extended family, shopping, crazy traffic and many other things can make the holiday season tough on your family. Christmas lights should not be on this list. As an Andstallation Pro customer, all you need to do is make a call and pick out the design you would like us to install. Because we don’t want our customers to worry, we have developed a lifetime warranty. Any time you work with a product that is made of plastic and rubber that is powered by electricity and is left outside for months at a time, there will be failures. Andstallation Pro only purchases and installs the highest-grade materials for your home, however there will still be some problems. With our lifetime warranty Christmas Light Displays, you never have to worry about replacing your lights due to mechanical failure. We just fix or replace them as necessary. Theft or acts of God are not covered under the lifetime warranty.


Stipulations for Lifetime Warranty:

  • Customer must contract Andstallation Pro to install and uninstall lights consecutively every year

  • Christmas lights are to be stored by Andstallation Pro

  • Andstallation Pro's lifetime warranty does not cover acts of God or theft while the lights are on your property

What is covered:

  • Roof Lights & Mini Light Strands

What isn’t covered:

  • Ground Lights/Stake Lights

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